What To Do in Bali When It Rains

what to do in bali when it rains

Bali is pleasantly sunny most of the time during the dry season but occasional downpours can be expected at any time of the year. Even when the skies are covered in dark grey clouds and the roads are wet from rain, the activities options are endless in Bali.

Discover Balinese cuisine, enjoy a soothing spa treatment, or just shop around. Staying in your exotic Bali villa and sipping on hot coffee may be tempting on a rainy day but getting out there to explore the tropical island is fun and worth the effort. The weather may get dull in Bali, but with innumerable choices, your vacations will never be.

Get a Pampering Spa Treatment

Balinese spa treatments are famous all around the world and is one of the major reasons many people visit this island. Many spas around Bali offer a unique relaxing spa experience with exotic treatments using aromatic tropical ingredients that are performed by the skilled Balinese therapists.

Go Shopping at the Malls

A rainy day in Bali is just another perfect day for shopping. Look for different choices of expansive shopping malls and complexes situated at the main areas like the Discovery Shopping Mall, Kuta Beachwalk, and the Mal Bali Galeria in Kuta, or the Nusa Dua Bali Collection. You will find everything in these shopping heavens from fashion and accessories to antiques and souvenirs, and a lot more.

Discover Underwater Wonders

What is better than just going underwater on a rainy day. Bali offers some choices, either fully dry or half wet. Sea or marine walks allows even non-divers to experience the beauty of the underwater world to just see or even interact directly with schools of tropical fish and swim through the coral reef gardens with help of an air-supplied helmet. You can also get submarine tours if you want to stay dry throughout the tour.

Museum Tours

Bali comprises of rich history and if you’d love to see the vast collection of Bali’s artwork, hit a museum. Museums give insights into the island’s evolution even when the roads are wet and the skies are dark. Museums and galleries are located throughout the island and some popular ones like Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA) feature scheduled highlights that are perfect for a full-day tour.


Bali is not just surfers’ paradise, but also a yogi’s heaven. Bali has grown over time into a place for natural health and wellness with many yoga centers providing classes through professional instructors. Pair your yoga routine with healthy organic meals and you will have yourself a healthy holiday. So there is no need to worry about catching a cold due to the weather.

It can rain any time in Bali, so if you are on a vacation, make sure you make the best of it and with affordable accommodation options available, get yourself a place with maximum comfort and luxury like beach villas in Seminyak, Bali so you can end a fun day with relaxation.