Best Place to Stay in Bali for Couples

best place to stay in bali for couples

Bali is a heaven on earth, with lush green rice-terraces perched on volcanic slopes, picturesque sunsets falling over glowing-white sands, and a unique presence of ethnic rich culture that dominates the island of the Gods and its people, despite being one of the vastly growing tourist attractions. Each year, Bali is visited by nearly 3-4 million Indonesian and foreign tourists, sometimes these numbers get doubled. Some crave the surf, shopping, and clubbing in Kuta, while others find peace in spiritual and cultural activities in Ubud. Many come to experience a luxurious stay in private villas in Bali, scuba-diving, and water sports for a fraction of a cost as compared to Europe and Australia, and others looks to explore the gorgeous mountain ranges and millennium-old temples.

Bali is a compact place so you can explore more in a day-trip from your base to almost anywhere in Bali. The traffic of Ubud can be a little daunting and the tracks are mountainous, so small research before leaving your base can be really beneficial. Public transport is not easily available in tourist areas, but privately-owned buses and shuttles are plentiful and comfortable.

Best Place in Bali for Couples: Jimbaran

There are many romantic hotels in Bali but you may also find them filled with noisy families. Especially when you are on a romantic holiday, you would expect a place with a tranquil and silent environment, which you will find in Jimbaran. It is an ideal sandy bay for sunbathing and strolling on empty shores. Each afternoon, the beach becomes gets set for romantic candlelight dinners at sunset, with the addition of fireworks, some good music, and traditional dance.

Best Place in Bali for Nightlife: Kuta • Seminyak

Like Bangkok, Kuta is also famous for its nightlife. The best options are the multi-story nightclubs along Jalang Legian street with international DJs ramping up the music and having sports bars. In the north, Seminyak offers the blend of live jazz, R&B, soul, and R&B in an exotic setting for music lovers.

Best Place in Bali for Delicious Food: Seminyak

Bali has a number of traditional cuisines and to taste them all, visit Kuta. You will find the widest range of food at the lowest prices. In Seminyak, there are spiraled streets, filled with attractive cafes and bistros, offering cuisines from all over the world.

Best Beach in Bali: Pasir Putih

Bali is a beach-lovers paradise. Most of the beaches of Bali are untouched and are still in their natural form. One of the best among them is Pasir Putih (means ‘White Sands’), located 6km ahead of Candidasa along the east coast. It is a calm sea with a curved bay of rocky outcrops, offering snorkeling and shade, adding to its beauty is coconut groves. Half of the beach is still used as a fishing village. This mesmerizing beach is located at the end of a beautiful, flat 1.5km-long land from the main road.


Here you go travelers, we have listed down the four major things every tourist of Bali looks for on their first visit. Of course, Bali has so much more to offer so don’t forget to book your stay in the luxurious private villa in Bali, to enjoy some amazing moments with your loved one or family. Experience the fascinating Bali with Beautiful Bali Villas. For booking and details, call us at +62 (361) 370 5279.