One Of The Best Places To Stay In Bali

best places to stay in bali


The mindsets and expectations of an everyday traveler are changing with the changing travel industry. Although the 5 star hotels were once the most luxury experience everyone craved for, expectations and experiences are diverting toward more relaxed holidays where comfort, privacy, and independence are prioritized.

Therefore, there is no surprise why luxury villas are so trendy with exotic locations, personal chefs, and private access to beaches.

For a travel savvy to avoid expensive food, crowded swimming pools, and generally busy atmosphere of a hotel, here are four reasons to convince yourself to choose a luxury villa for your next trip.

Unmatched Privacy

One of the biggest benefits of staying in a luxury villa is maximum privacy level that even a 5 star hotel can’t beat. When you make a reservation in a Bali villa, you get the whole property to yourself and this is for guaranteed serenity and peace. Having an exclusive residence means that no interactions with clingy neighbors and no sharing of your space with other travelers.

Hotels Can’t Beat the Rates

Assuming that hotels offer the best rates is one of the major myths about luxury travel. If you are traveling with a group of people or your family or planning to book an extended stay, you may find that renting a villa is a much wiser choice. Whether you opt for a single bedroom or multiple, the prices for rooms are often more affordable as compared to a 5 star hotel. With self-contained facilities, like a fully equipped kitchen, laundry, private pool, gym, private access to the beaches, and private butler, you will see how significantly you can save on expensive charges for foods and drinks and activities.

Incredible Locations

A certain benefit of choosing a luxury villa for holidays is an incredible location. Villas are often on wonderful seascapes, beachfront properties, and stunning jungle escapes. And above all, nothing beats the bliss of having the property to yourself, with full privacy. Villas often offer more exclusive locations as compared to hotels, ensuring a comfortable distance away from tourist trail. Being an individual property, they occupy more secluded locations, whether be it on the edge of a cliff or on a beachfront.

Hotels, of course, offer wonderful locations as well, but the frantic atmosphere can dull the most pleasant views.

So Much Space

When jumping between hotels, you are just moving from one room to another. However, villas have a wonderful intrinsic sense of space that may be even more than you are used to at your own home. Think grand living rooms, open kitchens, elegant interiors, professionally designed outdoor pavilions, beautiful wood furniture, tropical gardens with day beds, and ethnic ambiance with balconies facing the beaches, it’s a whole deal.

Villas eventually offer more space per dollar. You may enjoy staying in a spacious 5 star hotel suite but villas are way more than just hotel counterparts, not simply in terms of interiors but in extending outdoors as well. If you are traveling to the wonderful island of Bali, don’t forget to check out the most beautiful Bali villas that offer proximity to the breathtaking beaches of Bali.