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Located in the most desirable area of Legian. Beautiful Bali Villas is a complex of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom pool villas. In easy walking distance to the beach and shops, restaurants, boutiques, salons and the Bintang Supermarket, it is perfectly suited for a comfortable holiday villas with excellent service and facilities. Famous Jalan Legian street that is the heart of Bali is merely 100 meters away and yet Beautiful Bali Villas is in an exclusive area.

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Beautiful Bali Villas offer 3-Bedroom villas in Bali, perfect for large families and groups. Those who love to enjoy an ethnic culture, big tropical pools, delicious food, cool breeze of the beach, and an exotic environment with state-of-the-art amenities, we have it all.





Bali is loaded with stunning retreat, perfect for couples and honeymooners. Think big bathtubs decorated with candlelight or fresh rose petals sprinkled over soft plush bed sheets in your Bali villas. You can also opt for a romantic villa to spend quality time together.




Balinese food will give you a home-like feeling and added health benefits along with a wonderful blend of Indonesia’s native herbs and spices. Don’t forget to try Balinese seafood while your stay at the hotels or in Bali villas.




At Beautiful Bali Villas you will feel the true ambiance of the ethnic Balinese culture, peaceful, elegance, private, serene, and charming. We are offering all the required features so you can truly relax and enjoy our services and amenities. The Beautiful Bali Villas is 100% committed to providing you with the most comfortable & relaxing vacation in Bali.




We have the massive living spaces and separate pavilions with an added bonus of private swimming pools surrounded by tropical gardens. Our amazing villa in Bali can be the best option for families and larger groups who are planning longer stays for their holiday.

Villas in Bali

When you need a balance of style, ambience, comfort, and location.Mesmerizing beaches, crystal-clear water, peaceful landscapes, irresistible cuisines, and hospitable people make Bali an ultimate holiday destination offering Asia’s rich cultures and traditions as the best tropical getaway. It may not surprise you why the Island of the Gods is on top of every traveler’s wishlist. For an inclusive holiday experience ......, choose to stay at our beautiful villas in Bali.The Ultimate Guide for Your Next Stay in Bali, IndonesiaLooking for the perfect Bali villas? You have come to the right place. We are here to tell you about the perfect spot to stay for your vacations in Bali. Whether you are here for the love of the beach, the traditional Balinese culture, the restaurants, the yoga, the rice paddies, fun activities or all these things together, we have just a right villa to serve you!The Indonesian island, Bali, has become an ultimate vacation spot for the tourists around the world, and there is no other way to enjoy the beauty of this island than in the extreme comfort of a gorgeous villa in Bali. Our luxurious villas in Bali offers you an utter sense of privacy and intimacy, giving you an amazing experience with a personalized feel, which you won’t easily find in hotels. We have the massive living spaces and separate pavilions with an added bonus of private swimming pools surrounded by tropical gardens. Our amazing villa in Bali can be the best option for families and larger groups who are planning longer stays for their holiday.Booking your private villa in Bali has never been so quick and easy. Check availability on our website or give us a call, and we will be in touch with your confirmed booking reservation in no time. We have a huge number of beautiful and luxurious family-friendly villas in Bali that are within walking distance to the beach, as well as those yoga studios, spa clubs, healthy cafes, gyms, and bars.

Why Choose Beautiful Bali Villas?

The Beautiful Bali Villas have never compromised on the quality of service and are considered to be the most affordable villas in Bali. We have designed our villas to cater your holiday needs from intimate romantic getaways, family vacations or relaxing groups to honeymoon. Our villas in Legian, Kuta, and Seminyak a private pool plus your own staff to ensure you the glorious holiday experience. If you need anything extra, our management will gladly be there to assist you.At Beautiful Bali Villas you will feel the true ambiance of the ethnic Balinese culture, peaceful, elegance, private, serene, and charming. We are offering all the required features so you can truly relax and enjoy our services and amenities including, baths, private pools, chefs, drivers, housekeepers, security, fully air-conditioned, fast Wifi, flat screen cable TV’s, large open plan living & entertaining spaces, quality bedding as well as fully equipped kitchen with large refrigerator and oven with marble bench top.

Let’s Start Booking Villas in Bali

Booking villa in Bali with Beautiful Bali Villas is a hassle-free, simple, and very easy. Just submit us your inquiry and one of our representative will get in touch with you to get a better understanding of what you need (number of rooms, price, area, do you need a pool fence, chef). Our aim is to deliver you the experience of your lifetime at an amazingly affordable price. Whether you are looking for a romantic 1 bedroom villa for a honeymoon or a beach villa for the family; the Beautiful Bali Villas is 100% committed to providing you with the most comfortable & relaxing vacation in Bali.Situated near the prime locations of Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak, our villas are a complex of 10 villas with 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms with a tropical ambiance, private pools and optimal privacy. You can easily find some great nearby restaurants, shops, boutiques, and much more for a wonderful vacation. Our famous villas are located near the Legian Beach, just about 20 minutes from the airportIn the most stylish and upscale resort area of Seminyak, our villas have their own pool, living room, kitchen, air conditioner, dedicated Wi-Fi and all the facilities you need.Our entire area a secured by professional guards and our friendly front-desk staff is there to cater you 24/7. Our professional staff members are helpful and friendly and can speak fluent English as well as multiple languages to make our guests feel at home. And you can have our chefs prepare your breakfast according to your order.Each bedroom comprises of a private bathroom and remote-controlled air conditioning as well as you can also connect with the front desk using the phone provided in your villa.

1 Bedroom Villas in Bali

If you are traveling solo or planning for your honeymoon, then 1-bedroom villa in Bali can be the best option for you. With utter privacy and exotic ambiance, enjoy the luxury of having a private pool and spacious villas. READ MORE >>

2 Bedroom Villas in Bali

We have a large number of 2-bedroom villas in Bali for you to choose from. These are perfect for small group or families wanting to spend some quality time of comfort, privacy, and seclusion that our Bali villas can offer. We have located proximity to the main attractions of the island, so it couldn’t be easier to experience the delicious food, wonderful cafes, dazzling nightlife, and shopping Bali is known for. READ MORE >>

3 Bedroom Villas in Bali

For the large group of friends or family, we have the stunning 3-bedroom villas in Bali. Enjoy the luxury and tantalizing ambiance in the Beautiful Bali Villas. Each unit offers a setting for a charming, relaxed, and a fascinating holiday. You will get all the latest modern day conveniences and professional staff ready to greet you from day one with that famous Balinese smile. READ MORE >>

Bali Travel Guide for First Timers

Our ultimate Bali travel guide helps you to pick your favorite places and what you can explore more while you are there. Use this article to get to know about the places which interest you and learn what are some of the best things to do in Bali on your next trip?

Bali is the Best Place for Couples

Many tropical destinations in the world are overpriced and overrun with tourists. But Bali is the most famous island in the Indonesian archipelago. It is one of the most wonderful destinations on the planet, offering everything for couples from wonderful beach setting to luxury private villas in Bali. Above all, traveling in Bali on a budget is very easy for everyone, especially couples. Here is why.

Price Factor

Bali furnishes a variety of budgets, therefore, the low living cost eventually makes it affordable and highly accessible. For example, honeymoon options in Bali range from simple guesthouses and hotels to luxury villas in Bali. Your magical moments with your partner don’t have to cost a fortune. Even, most hotels and resorts have their own set of features dedicated to couples.


Bali has a good tropical climate without any severe weather conditions throughout the year. You can expect occasional downpours, of course, during the monsoon. However, you can often enjoy a little rain every day throughout your visit. Usually, you get the best weather in midyear. May to August you can get the bluest skies in Bali with low humidity which makes it perfect for sightseeing and clicking the best couple shots on your honeymoon trip.

Beautiful Beaches

Bali’s coastline is blessed with a great collection of mesmerizing beaches, each with its own unique characters. There are exclusive resorts and private beach villas in Bali that allows you to take a romantic stroll on the shiny sand and the quiet boardwalks. You can also explore the hidden and secret beaches at the base of limestone cliffs. What is a visit to the beaches of Bali without watching the captivating sunsets, the most romantic moment on this island?

Romantic Accommodations

Bali is loaded with stunning retreat, perfect for couples and honeymooners. Their settings, designs, and outstanding views add to the romantic experience, but you can always arrange for the details that matter very easily because even a simple gesture can make a huge difference. Think big bathtubs decorated with candlelight or fresh rose petals sprinkled over soft plush bed sheets in your Bali villas. You can also opt for a romantic villa to spend quality time together. Villas offer a greater sense of privacy and more space than regular hotels rooms. You can choose from a number of stunning private villas in Bali to make your honeymoon extra special.


The number of activities you can enjoy at Bali is enormous. There are lots of dining and tour options available on this island or a stay in exotic Bali villas that you can add to our list of romantic experiences in Bali. Whether you want to have an adventure through nature to make ever-lasting memories or enjoy dinner on a sunset cruise with the crimson sky revealing stars, you can get it all to make your trip worth.

Best Things To Do In Bali, Indonesia

The activities Bali has to offer are for those who want to take a break from dining, shopping, and nightlife. It is too easy to get distracted by all the things this beautiful island offers, but there is a lot more to explore than meets the eye. Don’t forget to enjoy a splashing day at the famous water park or climb the hills and race through jungles on appropriate vehicles.Being a hub to lots of beaches, Bali has a lot to explore under and on the waves. Surfing and snorkeling are the favorite activities of locals and tourists on this island as there are magnificent reefs packed with wonderful life beneath the surface. The part is, you don’t need to break the bank to enjoy as much as you want in Bali. Here is the list of best activities you must do to make your visit count.


Bali’s tourism, actually, began with this sport, and it is an all-time favorite of the locals and tourists. There is a collection of great surfing spots, especially around the Bukit Peninsula and southern coasts that has been a big attraction to those looking for sea, sun, and long rides through glassy tubes. Lagoons, reef breaks, and different conditions make great waves for both newbies and veteran surfers. Not only that, but you will also find many beautiful Bali villas nearby the coast that offer amazing beach view for those who want to experience luxury, comfort, and exotic ambiance on their vacations.

Day Cruises

Explore the region on a half-day or even full-day sea voyage. Catamarans and sailing boats can take you on pleasant and fun cruises around the waters of Nusa Lembongan Island, while others can take on the castaway cruise to the secret bay at Nusa Penida. This makes a perfect set up for a romantic getaway at a sunset cruise paired with delicious dinner.

Kite Surfing – Rip Curl School of Surf, Sanur Lagoon

Kiteboarding or kite surfing is a popular sea sport of Bali, and you will especially find many people engaged in it along the eastern coasts of this island. The best time to indulge in this activity is from May to October, during the dry season. If you are not aware of how to do it, you can find many people on the beach who will be willing to help you get your hands on it.

White Water Rafting – Ayung River and Telaga Waja

Ayung River’s west side is awesome due to the fun of challenging rapids, intact nature area highlighted by the presence of wild animals along the rafting route like big bats, magpies, black monkeys, as well as the panorama of this beautiful scene, and much more. Telaga Waja is a much more thrilling ride that begins at the foothills of the sacred Mount Agung.

Waterbom Bali – Jalan Kartika, Tuban

You can enjoy more than a splash at Waterbom, the premier water park of Bali. This water park has more than 17 fun slides, rides, and water games to cater to people of all ages. The water park is spread over 3.8 hectares. Waterbom Bali is packed with leisure facilities around its slide and pools, with shades of lush tropical gardens.

Sea Walks

Everyone can go underwater to enjoy the wonderful marine life, even non-divers. These sea walks feature a specially designed helmet with a connection to oxygen tanks aboard a boat to provide a constant flow of air so you can breathe underwater. In fact, you won’t need to take off your prescription spectacles or lenses either. The sea walks are held in Sanur and Tanjung Benoa. A great number of tourist accommodations like hotels, resorts and beach villas in Bali enhance the popularity of this activity.

Temples and Landmarks

Explore the best of the island on a half-day or full-day tour through Bali to see a host of attractions like glorious temples, ancient archaeological landmarks, natural vistas, river valleys, rice terraces, and the mesmerizing Batur caldera lake in the Kintamani highlands.


Experience beautiful Balinese villages and Bali’s countryside from up close on two wheels. Another option is you pedal downhill over the majestic rugged volcanic mountains directing downhill past temples. You will also get to meet local farmers and families who can give you tips for gardening and farming and for healthy cooking as well. Cycling can be one of the best ways to get local in Bali.

Canyon Tubing – Siap River, Payangan, North Ubud

If you have been imagining getting on a waterslide out in nature, Bali has it for you along the Siap river, up in the Payangan at the north of Ubud. These tours will take you through the hidden canyons of Kerta village that features beautiful natural views while drifting 40 kilometers downstream in just a single inflatable tube. You don’t need to worry about safety as professionally-trained guides will accompany you on the ride.

Bali Waterfalls – Central Bali

You can choose from simple nature treks to cascades hidden by lush tropical forests. Waterfalls in Bali are perfect to have an adventure, as it is hidden deep inside the mountain forests of the central Bali. They will reward you with immersive sights and sounds at soothingly cool rock pools where you can wade and splash in.

Why You Should Take a Beach Vacation in Bali, Indonesia

Living in a country with beaches gives a wonderful way to enjoy life. However, even if your country doesn’t have any, you can always travel. Regardless of the conditions, opting for a beach holiday in your own private Bali villa is the definitive getaway everybody deserves. In fact, given that there are innumerable beaches all around the world, you just cannot miss out on the Bali beaches to experience a great vacation.

A New Experience

If you hardly had a beach vacation, that is certainly the biggest reason you should go on a beach vacation. In a country like Indonesia, there are plenty of beaches that preserve their magnificence even off-season. Going on a vacation with family by the sea will give your kids a reason to embellish their childhood with amazing memories. You can also book your own private beach villas in Bali at Beautiful Bali Villas for the most marvelous experience.

Awesome Sea-Side Accommodation

The tourist infrastructural development facilities have gifted many countries with amazing hotels, resorts, and villas by the sea. Giving you the opportunity to experience a great and wonderful time staying over at affordable accommodation option in Bali villas, this beautiful island is the most desired by tourists as they offer maximum luxury, comfort, privacy, and exotic ambiance.

Stress Reliever

Working full-time to provide for your family and yourself, pay the bills, and fix the leaky roof is certainly very stressful and you definitely need a break. Staring into the infinite ocean will calm your mind and senses down and help you collect your thoughts together. In fact, the feeling cold ocean water gives on your feet at sunset is undoubtedly one of the best medicines to cut stress.

The Amazing Food

The restaurants are maintained in the as best way as possible as they want to preserve their good name among the list of competitors. You can find good food anywhere in the world be it Italian, Chinese, vegan, Indian, or fusion, but Balinese food will give you a home-like feeling and added health benefits along with a wonderful blend of Indonesia’s native herbs and spices. Don’t forget to try Balinese seafood while your stay at the hotels or in Bali villas.

Explore the Majestic Ocean

Even if you aren’t a good swimmer, you can always have a good tour of the sea by boats. If you are into swimming, diving, or snorkeling, beaches of Bali offer a great opportunity to indulge your marine adventure desires. Nusa Dua, Menjangan Island and Pemuteran, Nusa Lembongan, Padangbai, Amed and Tulamben, and many others are perfect to fulfill your craving for marine adventures.

Best Surf Spots in Bali

Mostly, the best surf spots in Bali are around the Bukit peninsula and southern coasts. These fun playgrounds are particularly for seasoned surfers as they usually have serious reef breaks and bigger her curls compared to other more popular and fun beaches of Legian and Kuta. Dangerous for beginners, some of these reefs have consistent waves like Padang Padang but the beautiful and legendary breaks of Uluwatu offer an exotic towering temple backdrop along with steady supply of large swells. Each with a unique characteristic make the best surf spots from surfers of all types of experience levels. Here are some of the most amazing surf spots in Bali.


Uluwatu isn’t just popular for its huge waves but also for its locations and the beautiful view. You can sit in the lineup after catching the huge waves and look up on the hill to see the beautiful Hindu shrine and the magnificent cliff. The crowd is common when the waves are under the feet, but it is really attractive as it produces epic barrels of over four. Make sure you bring your favorite surfboard or rent at the beach, reef booties, and some cash handy to get a great massage after surfing. Villas in Bali also give a breathtaking view of Uluwatu when you are headed to take some rest after a tiring but fun day.


Suluban is the exclusive paradise of surfers. It is also known as the Blue Point as its nickname given by the locals, giving its own unique appeal. Even, getting to the beach itself is an adventure down staircases and rocky openings where you need to bend down a little to get through. The main attraction for surfers is its long powerful swells and consistent barrels and the cliff top has lined up shacks that overlook thrills and horizon.

Padang Padang

Padang Padang is a favorite spot of locals as well as tourists because of its consistent barrels, accessibility, and special hollow rock entrance that lead to a long exotic white sandy beach. It is located between Uluwatu and Bingin and it is a usually host for international surfing events. The waves at Padang Padang are limited to advanced surfers, but the shore usually gets crowded on the weekends.


Bingin is just an hour drive away from Kuta. Although the waves at Bingin are not much big here, being on the same side of Bukit peninsula, it shared the some dangerous reef. The barrels are consistent like Uluwatu but a bit shorter. Catching a good wave can be a bit of a challenge, but tides play a good factor here, so it is wise to keep you tide charts with you or ask the local surfers who are aware of the playgrounds. Since its waves are less intimidating, you can easily expect more crowd here as compared to Uluwatu.Bali is a wonderful place on earth, especially for couples and families. Make sure you make the most of your trip to this beautiful island and enhance the essence of your holidays by staying in one of the most exotic private villas in Bali. Choose the Beautiful Bali Villas, it is simply the perfect place for a vacation whether you are planning a romantic honeymoon or a fun getaway with family and friends. Just enjoy the proximity to beaches and incredibility of breath-taking natural beauty and comforting, warm environment.Let us cater you with the maximum level of comfort and convenience to make your visit at Bali count. Don’t forget to check out our Honeymoon package that will absolutely amaze you and fulfill your expectations for a romantic escape.The Land of the Gods is waiting for you to come and experience natural richness, looming volcanoes, tropical beaches, rugged cliff tops, and amazing nightlife.It would be worth it to take your time out and give yourself the vacation you deserve. Get in touch with us to book a private luxury villa, nearby the mesmerizing beaches of Legian and Seminyak, call now: +62 361 490 165 or +62 811 3868 486.

Book Your Dream Stay at Our Magnificent Villas in Legian, Bali

Glorious beaches, deep blue waters, delicious food, picturesque landscapes, and welcoming natives with rich ethnic culture, Bali is one of Asia’s best vacation getaway. Experience the exotic temples against the mind-blowing natural backdrops.

Legian is one of the perfect places on earth to do great things on a honeymoon. The choices are endless and unbelievably beautiful. Island is filled with natural beauty and has plenty of great exotic places to spend a romantic evening with your loved one. Couples adore the seascapes and mesmerizing views from cliff tops, or just a candlelight dinner under a starry night with a gentle breeze. Luckily, Legian has it all.

We are here to make your trip more memorable and complete. Stay in the most stunning private villas in Legian, it is the place to choose for luxury accommodation. From toes-in-the-sand beach villas to private pool villas in traditional Balinese setting; the options are diverse at our villas. We offer 1-3 bedroom villas in Legian at an affordable price.

Comfortable Rooms

We have air-conditioned 1-3 bedroom villas in Legian. We offer large wardrobe space, fully equipped kitchen, free Wi-Fi for 24 hours, 3D LED TV in every bedroom, outdoor shower, private off-street parking, private pool, ensuite bathrooms, and much more.

State-of-the-Art Amenities

Experience the breathtaking views from a terrace and a garden and make use of amenities such as complimentary wireless Internet access. Our villas in Legian also features complimentary grocery shopping assistance, fully equipped kitchen with large refrigerator and oven, 8×3 meter north-south facing the lovely pool. Our villas are in proximity to the beach, local river – fishing and ceremonies.

Experience the Taste of Bali

Let our expert chefs cook something special for you or take advantage of room service in our villas in Bali. Enjoy your favorite drink with friends and family in the swimming pool with an ice well for cold drinks. Complimentary breakfast is also available.

Bali is calling you! Experience the utter natural beauty of the Indonesian archipelago. Plan your trip right now and choose our luxurious villas in Legian for a memorable stay. We guarantee that staying in our luxurious villas gives a fantastic life experience for every type of traveler. Whether you are traveling with family, friends, or a special loved one, crash into your private villa in paradise.