How Traditions Helped Bali Avoid Becoming A Covid-19 Hotspot

Traditions Helped Bali Avoid Becoming A COVID Hotspot

Known as the Land of Gods, Bali appeals through its sheer natural beauty of lush green terraces, crystal, blue water, long sandy beaches, and beautiful skies. It is one of the most magnificent tourist spots on the globe with respect to its breathtaking views and natural beauty.


The Indonesian resort island of Bali is a hotspot for backpackers and thus was expected to be a fertile land of the Coronavirus pandemic. Several cases were expected to arise on the small, famous island. However, the minds twisted and people got into thinking as to why Bali has had such low Covid-19 cases.

It is today being idolized as a model by the Indonesian authorities as well as the world over tackling the pandemic. Bali’s apparent immunity to the Coronavirus has generated a vast discussion on social media. As of May, there have only been 235 confirmed COVID cases on the island out of which 121 were recovered following 4 deaths.


The head priest in Bali claimed it to Al Jazeera that the reason behind such low coronavirus cases is because of the good karma and the prayers of the Balinese people. He also pointed out that Balinese cuisine consists of way too many herbs. This supports the immune system and makes consumers resistant to any sort of virus attack.

The success in controlling the virus was because of the help of about 1500 traditional village communities who have considerable sway over the majority of Hindu residents. Moreover, the people were also asked to perform certain Hindu rituals for protection and safety against the virus.

In addition to that, the villages in Bali tend to have a very strong influence on the community. Whatever the elders in the village say, people abide ecstatically. This has helped the government of Bali to impose policies down to the community level, and that too effectively.

While no deadlines have been stated but Wayan Koster has claimed that they have a strategy for re-opening the island for tourists as soon as it recovers completely from the pandemic. The decision would be taken after taking considerations from businessmen and local leaders. Since the island is home to several hotels and villas in Bali.

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