All You Need to Know about Scuba Diving in Bali

All You Need to Know about Scuba Diving in Bali

Bali is famous for many exciting things and activities, one of the most enthralling is scuba diving. The stage is set for the divers in Bali as it offers various spots to learn and do scuba diving. Experience the glorious underwater world of Bali, as we bring you all the essentials you need to know about scuba diving on this beautiful island.

Best Places to Learn Scuba Diving


Matahari Tulamben Dive Center

Matahari Tulamben Dive Center is a resort offering beautiful rooms for a stay but apart from that, you can also take some diving lessons. It exists in a location that is famous for breathtaking underwater scenery. Whether you are a beginner or pro, you can find suitable classes for the great diving experience. You can also get rental equipment from here.


Belajar offers scuba diving classes in two different locations, one in Bali and the other in Bunaken. Apart from being taught by the best professionals of scuba diving, you can also take some rest in a resort-like location near to the beach. Plus, after finishing your diving lessons, you can be a part of the alumni community where they occasionally carry out random trips to popular spots in Indonesia.

Best Locations or Spots for Scuba Diving

After learning how to scuba dive, it’s time to test your skills and for that Beautiful Bali Villas has mentioned some of the best locations in Bali for you;

Tanjung Benoa

One of the best locations to start from is Tanjung Benoa. It is widely famous for offering many water sports including flying fish and banana boats. Apart from that, the pros might not be the big fan of this place as there are quite less variety of corals and underwater specimens than the other areas due to the denser crowd each day. But it is a very suitable place for a newbie.

Sanur Beach

A trip to Bali isn’t complete without a visit to Sanur Beach. It is as famous as Tanjung Benoa but it offers something different also. Apart from diving, you can also experience sea-walking here. You will be equipped with some kind of a large helmet and then you can just walk on the ocean’s bottom. It is quite a unique and different experience but not as adventurous as scuba diving.

Tulamben Beach

Now something for the pros. The most suitable location for the experienced scuba and free divers is Tulamben Beach. This place became famous after the documentary made by American photographer about its mesmerizing underwater life. Along with the beautiful underwater life, you can also explore the spectacular USAT Liberty shrinking ship.

Getting excited about your first scuba diving lesson? Just don’t forget these important pieces of equipment before doing the scuba diving activity:

  • Regulator
  • Wetsuit
  • Tank
  • Mask
  • Fins
  • Snorkel

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