The Amazing Beaches With Unique Caves In Bali

The Beautiful Beaches with Caves in Bali


The long sand beaches, lush rainforests, crystal blue water and fiery orange sunsets are what makes Bali a tropical paradise. This magnificent island in Indonesia is surrounded by natural springs and man-made art. The people of Bali have an obvious gift of expressing themselves through artful crafts. It is seen everywhere! In street vendors, huge galleries, sculptures and also in the villas in Bali.

With clear, crystal water and sandy beaches, Bali has been claimed to be the perfect destination spot for all the explorers. In case you wish to explore the secret and experience the most breathtaking views, you must visit these beaches hidden in the mystic caves.


This beach is located on the West of Tanjung Benoa. It is one of the most adored places by the surfers because of the challenging surf breaks. This white, sandy beach is surrounded by several cliffs and many small caves that can be used as shades when it gets too sunny. This cave might be the ‘the best’ place for you as it oozes both mystery and mystique!


Located in the Southeast of Bali, this beach can only be reached by descending a dramatic staircase. The white, sandy beach is surrounded by diamond-shaped cliffs along the classic blue water. The amazing view is further enhanced with a long swim in the ocean, because of it’s calm waves.


Tucked away in the South of Bali, the Green Bowl Beach is one of the most hidden places on the island. A 75-meter flight of stairs must be descended to reach this beach. The two limestone caves of Green Bowl would give you a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience with the bats that are resident inside.


Hidden under a large rock cliff, this white sandy beach is an epitome of a picture-perfect destination. It offers some of the most majestic and breathtaking views from the clifftop. Various water sports can be enjoyed on the marvellous Gunung Payung beach such as snorkelling, paragliding and jet skiing.

Where You Need To Go?

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