Interesting Facts About Bali Indonesia You Should Know

interesting facts about bali indonesia

Bali started to make its name in the famous international destination from 1960. Thanks to its incredible beaches, mountains, and rich ethnic culture, Bali has turned out to be one of the hottest destinations for having a great vacation with your family or a loved one. Apart from the fact that Bali is rich on natural beauty, there are some interesting facts you should know about, read it all here.

In the Amazon of seas

Bali is located in a very interesting geographical location called the Coral Triangle. Coral Triangle lets water from Philippines, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Timor, and west of Indonesia that’s why the area seems like the Amazon of seas. This is the core reason behind a magnificent marine life of Bali.

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Hindu Majority

Indonesia, despite being the largest Muslim country of the world, it’s the most visited island, Bali is heavily populated by the Hindus. So, people who love to eat pork or drink wine can easily enjoy it on their vacations in Bali which is otherwise prohibited in other parts of the country.

Bali Priests Are Paid By Government

This is truly a beautiful law of Bali that every priest of any religion is paid by the government, giving its true secular identity.

Twin Volcanoes

There are two active volcanoes in Bali. One of them is at a height of 5,600 feet, called Mount Batur. The second one is called Mount Agung, which is 10,000 feet high. Despite being a major tourist destination, any volcano eruption will cause a huge number of lives.

Black Sand

It is truly one of the wonders of nature, you may have seen white and pink sand but the black beauty is irresistible. It is created due to the host of volcanoes in Bali.

Bamboo Chocolate Factory

You all must have seen the movie ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory’, but apart from all the magic which we see in it, Bali has its own chocolate factory made completely of bamboo, how amazing it sounds right? Its humungous bamboo structure has turned it into a major tourist attraction. Launched in November 2011, this factory has since offered a huge variety of chocolate products to its visitors.

Tourism in Bali

Bali is now one of the hottest tourist attractions in the world and it is mainly due to the fact the Bali has so much to offer to its visitors. From breathtaking natural beauty to ethnic rich Balinese culture, Bali has it all and it helps the tourism industry to make about 80% of the economy of the island.


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