Is Bali Safe To Travel?

is bali safe to travel

Despite Bali is an utterly beautiful island but while you are there, you will need a certain skill set to remain safe on the streets. There are no such traffic or pedestrians rules, so you need to stay alert as you cross the street. Being the top tourist destination of the world, Bali lack in safety to some extent, however, things aren’t out of control and there is no need to worry, with these simple safety tips you can ensure a safe journey in Bali.

Keeping Your Things Secure

  • Theft is hardly a concern in Bali but no tourist destination is 100% safe. So, the following precautions can come useful.
  • Keep windows and doors locked when leaving your hotel room or at night
  • You must carry a copy of your passport and other travel documents if any, leave the originals safely in your hotel room.
  • Use the hotel’s security box or safe if available.
  • When going out in Bali, a front-carry pouch can come in handy to keep your valuables.
  • If the security box is available in the hotel, then deposit all your valuables there. Otherwise, carry all your valuables in a front carry pouch.

Watch Out on the Streets of Bali

  • Bali’s traffic is chaotic at times and can cause trouble to the first time visitors. Whether you are walking on the footpath or riding a bike, the following tips can keep you safe on the road.
  • When you are on the street, make sure to stop, look, and listen. There are no such traffic rules in Bali. Thus, crosswalks don’t get enough respect. So, it is highly suggested to take your time when crossing the road.
  • If you are visiting Bali for the first time, we suggest you don’t drive by yourself, instead hire a driver. It may sound feasible for you to hire a self-drive car, but if you care about your life, don’t drive by yourself. Car rentals are not even expensive, let the driver do the work while you look around the beautiful Bali.
  • Give a big no to the self-drive motorcycle, especially if you are looking to drive on the main roads or streets of Bali. You will be in more danger from the other riders rather than falling by your own mistake. However, you can ride a bike in village areas where traffic is low.

Follow the Law

Since you are away from your homeland, make sure you are aware of the laws of where you headed. There are few things which you should keep in mind if you don’t want to seek the attention of the Balinese authorities.

Don’t buy drugs in Bali, the drug laws in Indonesia are very strict and they don’t waste time in making an example of any foolish mistake of any tourist caught in buying illegal drugs. Stay away from people who are trying to slip you drugs on streets in cheap rates.

Don’t smoke in public areas. From November 28, 2011, a “smoke-free” law is in effect across the island, banning smoking in most public areas, hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, temples, schools, and hospitals.


There you have it, these are the little precautions you need to take while you explore the mesmerizing Bali. Don’t forget to book your beach villa in Bali at the Beautiful Bali Villas. We provide the utter comfortable environment for you to enjoy a perfect vacation with your family or loved ones. For reservations, call us now at +(62 361) 759 247.