The Best Instagrammable Place In Bali

instagrammable place in bali

In an era of social media, we are always looking for the perfect shot to make it our profile picture, cover photo, or simply to put it on Instagram, the most famous app for picture lovers. But when you are in Bali, there is not a single place where you can take a perfect shot, Bali has countless places to take some breathtaking shots as this place is filled with mesmerizing natural beauty. We have listed here some of the best spots for Instagram posts so you can know where to head once you land in the island of the Gods.


Pura Lempuyan – Getaway to Heaven

The first place which goes in your bucket list is the Pura Lempuyan, also known as the “Bali’s Gateway to Heaven”. As the name is enough to give you an idea that it will be a beautiful one. This heavenly spot is too unreal and too amazing to take a perfect shot for your Instagram. You will need to climb 1700 steps to get there but it will be worth it once you reach to the top and set your eyes on the mind-blowing view of Mount Agung.

Tegal Wangi Beach – The Sunset Caves

If you are a fan of Jacuzzis, you are going to fall for Tegal Wangi Beach! This stunning beach is an Instagram-worth with white sand, limestone rock, and caves. Get there during low tide and you can experience the natural Jacuzzi with the gorgeous views of the beach. Think about sitting in a natural pool as the waves make their way and fill the natural Jacuzzi tub with water, what a stunning photo it will turn out to be?

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Tukad Cepung Waterfall

This is a place to take a photo with your loved one, standing just beneath a captivating waterfall and holding hands. Tukad Cepung is a charming waterfall in Bali, you will have to go down a cliff to get inside the cave, and from there you can look up at the magnificent waterfall and the sky above. The sun finds its way from the water, giving you the perfect lighting and rainbows to take a beautiful shot.

Bali Swing

Certainly not for the faint-hearted, but still this is the place you must dare to go. This ultimate swing will leave you breathless at a cost of superb photo. The hype of Bali swing is not fake, located in the Ubud, swinging right above a rainforest river valley. Another one is located at Tamblingan Lake in Munduk. They have made special platforms with Instagram props to take a perfect shot. It’s a must-go place.

Omnia Beach Club

There are numerous beach clubs in the south of Bali, but this is one of a kind. Find this stunning Dayclub at the southern tip of the island. It is a fine place to dine, drink, and dance. It is perched handsomely over the edge of a 100-meter ocean cliff. For the spectacular Instagram shots, this place has everything, from exotic sunsets to the delightful cliff-edge infinity pool.


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