How to Plan a Budget-Friendly Bali Tour Package

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Bali without any doubt has become the center of attraction, not only for newlywed couples looking for a romantic honeymoon at an exotic beach but for every nature and adventure lover. Surely this place has the mesmerizing horizons, gorgeous beaches, and truly unbelievable natural beauty, but what makes this place attract a large number of tourists from around the world is affordability. Bali is inexpensive, you can enjoy a number of treats and activities here by staying in your budget. If you are considering visiting Bali, just start packing because you won’t regret it. We’ll guide you how you can explore this amazing island in a budget-friendly trip.


A guesthouse and hostel price is between 120,000-200,000 IDR per night. You may not find private rooms in hostels, free Wi-Fi and breakfast are usually included. In Bali, hotels are available in all range, you will find the most expensive ones in the world here. Some may cost over 13,000,000 IDR per night. You can get a budget hotel around 300,000-700,000 IDR per night for a double room. It will include Free Wi-Fi and breakfast. There are some beautiful hotels available with pool, which can cost around 550,000 IDR per night. You can also book an entire home or apartment, which may cost you around 350,000 IDR per night.

Villas in Bali are also available at affordable price. You can find the luxurious private villa in Bali at Beautiful Bali Villas, located near prime locations of Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak.


Bali is a great place for foodies because there are a lot of traditional cuisines you can try at cheap prices. Street food is available under 10,000 IDR. You can get a really delicious basic meal at around 15,000 IDR. However, western is a lot expensive as compared to local food but still affordable, you can get it around 125,000 IDR. Fast food is available at a fair price, around 60,000 IDR while a beer will cost you around 23,000 IDR. Don’t rely on tap water, as bottled water is available cheaply under 5,000 IDR. If you are planning to cook your own meal, you can buy a week’s worth groceries in between 275,000-400,000 IDR. Don’t go for imported food items like cheese, chicken, wine, and beef which are super expensive, instead stick to local food items.


Moving around Bali is easy as transportation is easily available and affordable. You can take a taxi for approx. 65,000 IDR and minivans across the island would cost nearly 200,000 IDR. Flights are also cheaply available from Bali to most of Asia and Australia. Scooter rentals are also one way to explore Bali and you can get them for as little as 135,000 IDR. Bicycles are available on rent at 60,000 IDR per day.


You can enjoy a lot in Bali while staying in budget. Go out for surfing, visit a dancing show, or go for a hike on a few mountains, most of these activities will cost between 135,000-350-000 IDR. Enjoy bungee jumping, diving, and paragliding in between 1,000,000-2,000,000 IDR per person. The Mother Temple visit with a guide will cost around 400,000-1,000,000 IDR, while yoga sessions start from 400,000 IDR.


Bali is an amazing place to live some of the best moments of your life. Whether you are traveling with your family or loved one, choose Beautiful Bali Villas for a wonderful stay. For booking & reservations, call now +62 (361) 370 5279.