5 Amazing Tips to Travel: Bali Travel Guide

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We just can’t deny that Bali is filled with breathtaking natural beauty, but we can’t deny some facts either that Bali is also a land of some dangerous combative macaques, undercurrents, and speedy scooters. If you are a first time visitor of Bali, Beautiful Bali Villas is here to cater your holiday needs and make you aware of a few things before you fly off to Bali, or you may find yourself with a disease or injuries, instead of lovely memories.

Read the following tips to make the most out of your trip to Bali.

1. Etiquette Tips

Bali has always preserve its rich culture and that’s why it one of the main attractions for tourists, but they can unintentionally end up offending local Balinese by violating principles of their culture.

If you are intending to mix up with the locals or planning to visit Bali’s temples, make sure you follow the simple rules like dressing modestly, covering shoulders, upper arms, and legs by a temple scarf, known as a selendang, and a sarong respectively.

2. General Safety Tips

Even Bali hosts thousands of tourists every year, but keep yourself safe is less easy than it should be. Bali’s traffic is chaotic, snatching and hotel breaking-and-entering are not uncommon, and the strong undercurrent in beaches can sweep you away in a jiffy.

Refrain from smoking in public areas. In 2011, a “smoke-free” bylaw came into effect across Bali. It made smoking forbidden in public areas, including hotels, temples, restaurants, and tourist attractions.

3. Money and Currency Changing Tips

You can get fleeced by deceitful money changers, however, there are many reputable establishments where you can change your cash without any worry. The best option would be to use their ATMs to withdraw cash that you can exchange your currency from one of Bali’s bank. Reach out to only money exchangers who have been recognized by Bank Indonesia.

4. Transportation Tips

Bali has various options of transportation for tourists, and most importantly they are affordable. You can even take some really cheap options like bicycles and scooters to explore the city. However, not every transport provider is honest. You can choose “Bali Taxi” (also known as Blue Bird Taxis) as they are the most reliable in town.

5. Beach Safety Tips

Bali’s beaches are one of the most famous in the world, especially surfers make their way to Bali to enjoy the utterly gorgeous beaches in the north and south. Despite a large number of tourists on the beaches, Bali is not entirely safe for beach lovers; strong undercurrents, sunburn, and minor risks of tsunami cast a shadow on the overall beach experience.

When on the beach, keep an eye on the red flags. A part of Bali’s beach starting from Kuta to Canggu is known to have undertows and rip tides. When the red flags are raised by local authorities, do not risk swimming there, unless you want to sweep out to sea.


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