Best Things To Buy In Bali

best things to buy in bali

Collecting souvenirs is one of the best ways to make lasting memories of your vacation. Looking back at these items, you’ll likely want to go back to the vacation destination again. If you’re traveling to Bali, you’ll have plenty of memorable souvenirs to collect. From magnificent craft made by professionally-skilled artisans to flashy jewelry, here are a few things you can look for in Bali.

Traditional Textiles or Silken Batiks

It can be really tempting to buy flashy and attractive beach sarongs which are sold by every other peddler on the beach. Take a few hours and look for colored silk batiks, which might improve your home decor. If you like collecting souvenirs to decorate the house with it, look for remarkable batik showrooms situated around the Batubulan area. Get enrolled into a batik course where you can learn how to make a piece out of everyday items. Most silk batiks in Bali are created by the expert craftsmen residing in the villages nearby.

Besides roaming around the sandy beaches and luxury Villas in Bali., there are many other activities you can do. Buying souvenirs can be a great choice for those who like art and admire the rich culture of exotic islands.


Art enthusiasts might be aware of how alluring the Balinese paintings can be. There is a huge range of paintings available for you to choose from. One of the most demanding paintings is based on Kamasan-style, which originated from the villages in East Bali. There are several traditional paintings which were created by some famous artists in the 16th century. Visit the Kamasan village to check out the beautiful paintings and pick the one that suits your personality.

Wooden Sculptures

There is a rare breed of talented artists who make statues and eye-catching masterpieces out of wood. Go to the village of Tegallalang to discover such amazing wood artistry, which is a place where woodcarvers make tangle-styled renditions of mythical birds. You might also find fascinating Balinese masks, wooden animals, and tropical fruits. The wooden sculptures come in different sizes and shapes.


You can buy Balinese coffee as a souvenir which is available in powdered form as well as fresh whole beans. The wide variety of Arabica and Robusta beans sold in Bali originates from Indonesian islands like Java, Kalosi, Kintamani, or Mandaling. You might also find the world’s most expensive coffee in Bali and bring back the coffee beans as a souvenir.

Gold or Silver Ornaments

Visit any of the gold or silversmith villages to purchase amazing jewelry items. There are several jewelry workshops and stores which can help you take a closer look at the artistic process of creating silver or gold pendants. A few workshops even offer one-day courses to travelers to get an insider’s view of jewelry making procedure. It is better to buy décor items made of silver which can be easily fixed with your luggage like silver horses, public figures, sailing ships, or sacred temples.

These are some of the amazing souvenirs you can buy while on vacation in Bali. Souvenirs can be placed in your memory bag and are great to buy, especially if you are visiting a country for the first time. Many resorts in Bali also offer gifts to their loyal customers which can be considered as souvenirs. To make your family trip fun and memorable, book 3 bedroom villas in Bali, at Beautiful Bali Villas. Contact now at +62 361 759 247.