5 Reasons to Rent a Villa on Holidays

holiday villas to rent

The Beautiful Bali Villas are as varied as they are plush. From an intimate ambiance for a romantic retreat to an impressive 3-bedroom villa in Bali with tropical pools, we have all it takes to make your trip fun, memorable, and relaxing. Here are five reasons you should choose to stay in a villa during the holidays.

1. Offers Privacy

A villa provides the ultimate way to relax and enjoy the rich, luxurious culture. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about loud hotel guests, early wake-up calls from housemaids, and swimming with people you don’t know. A villa allows guests to maintain their privacy on vacation. It is also an ideal option for couples looking for a romantic retreat, discreet travelers who cherish solitude and comfort, and families wanting to enjoy some quality time without any disturbance caused by the hotel staff.

2. Includes Additional Space

Renting a villa is an excellent alternative to staying in a hotel, especially for those traveling with a large family or as a group. You can get way more space than in a hotel room, without having to share the room with your children. A villa offers an opportunity to relax in multiple common areas as most villa properties boast a variety of eye-catching outdoor terraces and socializing areas. In addition, there will be lots of dining and living space at your disposal.

3. Provides More Freedom

Villas provide a great level of freedom and flexibility that you cannot find in a hotel room. Staying in a villa means no more scheduled dining timings and noise complaints from the front desk. You can swim in your private pool any time you want, come and go as you please, sunbathe topless, and even stay all day long in your nightgown. In brief, a villa gives you the comfort of a home away from home.

So, if you are looking for a family accommodation in Bali for holidays, Beautiful Bali Villas have just what you want for a vacation. We are offering affordable 1 to 3 bedroom Villas in Bali..

4. Promotes a Romantic Ambiance

Private villas are as romantic as they are luxurious, giving couples the flexibility and much-needed time together away from their tiring, busy routines and the stress of daily life. If you want to spend some quality romantic time with your partner with no disturbance and outside interference, renting a private villa can be a perfect decision. You can be completely alone together in wonderful surroundings with amazing amenities, making a perfect recipe for romance.

5. Comes with Several Amenities

Villas come with a wide assortment of facilities, from daily comforts like internet access, TV, laundry, kitchen to luxuries like entertainment, home theatres, irresistible pools, lush gardens, multiple bathrooms, and rich culture many people desire.

If your idea of a perfect holiday includes a good deal of privacy, spacious accommodation, awesome facilities, and relaxing environment, turn to Beautiful Bali Villas. We offer 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom luxury pool villas in Bali for you and your loved ones to experience an outstanding holiday. To book a room, call us at +62 361 759 247 today.