7 Reasons Why Bali Is The Best Place To Visit

why bali is the best place to visit

There are thousands of exotic beaches in Indonesia where travelers spend their vacations every summer. However, Bali is still considered as one of the best for first time travelers or families to visit. Despite having several tropical spots in Indonesia, several tourists fell in love with the captivating islands of Bali. If you are thinking about your next holiday, here are top 7 reasons you should visit Bali.

1. Perfect Beaches

Bali has countless beautiful beaches, which is one of the major reasons people like to visit this fascinating island. Every beach in Bali has its rare beauty ranging from white sand to magnificent limestone cliffs, corals, and adventure sports. Nusa Dua and Kuta are a few spots which are still not much explored and unseen by many people.

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2. Beautiful Cultural Scenes

Besides beaches, Bali has much to offer for those who like to admire the beauty of the world. Several cultural traditions are still practiced, and they fascinate many tourists. The Balinese have different types of festivals and religious celebrations several times in a month. You can learn a lot about the culture of Bali by watching a few ceremonies by yourself.

3. Countless Adventures

Bali is the perfect place for those who like water sports and outdoor adventures. Take part in the most popular surfing contests by renting a surf board or learn how to surf with an expert beside you. From jumping off a cliff to sliding down a long waterslide in any one of the waterfalls in Bali, there are innumerable things tourists will appreciate.

4. Natural Beauty

People can find every type of natural beauty if they want to see more than just beaches and stunning temples. Nature lovers can enjoy dazzling mountain areas with captivating lakes, rice fields, gardens, waterfalls, and many hidden canyons which combine to produce the beautiful landscape of Bali.

5. Luxurious Accommodation

The royalty-like accommodations and the natural beauty of Bali can be an incredible experience to enjoy. Book an astonishing resort or a reasonable hotel for your family to have fun in Bali. You can also book private luxury villas in Seminyak Bali to have personal space of your own with a separate pool. Most of the resorts or hotels in Bali offer affordable rates with 24-hours services, Wi-Fi, massage, and private pools.

6. Artistic Nature

The Balinese love art and tourists can see it everywhere they visit. There are thousands of massive art galleries in Bali where people portray fabulous art pieces and have amazing stories to tell. The marvelous art can be seen in every street created by talented designers and painters. Tourists can buy handmade arts made from wood to expensive artistic pieces.

7. Friendly Locals

People who have visited Bali will tell you how welcoming and friendly the locals are. If a person is traveling alone for the first time, he or she can easily make new friends because the locals and always interested in starting a conversation with a traveler. The tourists can admire the warmth of the locals in Bali.

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