Most Popular Foods to Try In Bali

most popular food in bali

Traveling to Bali is not only about its clear blue beaches and resorts, it has so much else to offer too. Indonesia is a mixture of different cultures and its impact can clearly be seen on the dinner table. With a variety of mouth watering dishes such as sate, Betutu, and the most famous Babi Guling, this island has a range of exotic meals to cater your taste buds.

We are breaking it down to 7 most delicious and famous Balinese dishes so you won’t miss enjoying it on your next trip.

Sate (Satay) Varieties

Bali’s own version of sate is known as sate lilit. It is made from mashed chicken, fish, pork, or even turtle meat, mixed with a number of spices and vegetables. Wrapped around stick then grilled, it can be enjoyed with our without sauce.

Nasi Ayam and Nasi Campur

It is a Balinese genre of ‘chicken rice’, you will get something of everything in this dish. A mound of white rice, encircled with vegetables, fish or meat with a pinch of steamy hot sambal matah. You will experience a blast of different flavors in one bite.


One of the most iconic Balinese dish, Betutu. It is made from duck or chicken, rubbed and stuffed with spices, wrapped in banana leaves and then left to be smoked in coal fire for 6-7 hours. The outcome is finger licking, juicy feast of meat.

Babi Guling

The most famous dish of Bali, Babi Guling is luscious treat for pork lovers. Pig is stuffed and marinated with traditional spices and vegetables, and slowly roasted over coal fire. This results in tenderizing meat and crispy yummy skins.

Nasi Goreng

The Balinese fried rice, the most traditional dish of the country and usually served for breakfast, lunch and dinner, simply any time is Nasi Goreng time. White steamy rice is served with a mixture of vegetables, meats and scrambled eggs to make it a perfect healthy meal for you.

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Tahu & Tempe

This Balinese delight can be eaten as a snack, a side dish or even as a main course. Tahu & Tempe are fried, either is stuffed or battered. Tempe is usually served as crackers with dishes which include rice, and Tahu as a snack stuffed with mixture of vegetables and minced chicken.

Traditional Cakes and Desserts

Known as jajanan pasar (traditional market cakes), these sweet pieces of heavenly delight has found their way to the markets for evening or after dinner desert, and even as daily tea-time favorites. They are made in various different ways, mostly including rice flour, glutinous rice, sugar, coconut and tropical fruits.


Balinese food is as adventurous as the Bali itself. There is so much to explore in the traditional mixture of spices, sauces and a unique way to blend it all to make your taste buds dance.

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