Free Things To Do in Bali Which They Offers

free things to do in bali

Vacations can get expensive at times but we don’t want to spend all of our savings in one go. Bali is a place which you can easily add in your budget-friendly travel bucket list.

Bali has to offer a multitude of activities that you can enjoy in this beautiful island, all for free! Here is a list of top free things you can enjoy in Bali.


It may sound skeptical but, in fact, walking down the beaches is allowed at any time of the day. Extra footpaths have been added around the beaches which are mostly public and easily accessible. Get the best of both worlds at Kuta Beach where you will find Beachwalk Shopping Center at its north and Discovery Shopping Mall at its south, freely accessible from the beachside and great for window shopping as well.

Riding the Waves

If you’re a surfer and hitting the beaches of Bali, you don’t have to worry about your pocket. Surf as much as you want from sand breaks to challenging reef breaks. Surfers can’t wait to find their favorite spot to surf as they get out of Ngurah Rai Airport. If you ever get tired from riding above the waves, try snorkeling for free and enjoy underwater wonders of Bali’s colorful coral gardens.

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Hiking & Exploring Hidden Temples

Being an adventurer, mountains may tempt you to climb the top and the good news is, it is free in Bali. Except for two of the highest mountains of the island, you will be needing permission from the local village community or forest department (for safety issues). Climb the Mount Lempuyang in Karangasem or East Bali with its lush green forest and hordes of timid grey macaques, and if you wander more, you will also find ancient hidden temples around.

Finding Rice is Cultivation

Visit Tegallalang Rice Terraces and learn what it takes to produce our favorite grain. Villagers still use the traditional Balinese cooperative irrigation system and you will find their rice tastier.

Dance Along at Local Festivals

What’s the point of vacations if you don’t have some fun and dancing is one way to do it. Be a part of Balinese culture and dance along at their local festivals. It’s a sight to watch a place comes alive in their celebrations for Nyepi (March), Bali Arts Festival (June-July), Bali Kite Festival (June – August), Bali Spirit Festival, and many more.

A place like this which is still close to nature unlike other modern cities, there is so much to explore which doesn’t cost a buck. So what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to Bali now.

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