Bali Events Calendar 2019: List of Best Events & Festivals

bali events calendar 2019

There are many reasons why Bali is getting the attention of tourists from around the world, let it be the incredible beaches, the exotic cuisine, the glamorous nightlife, or the native cultural festival. If you are up for the cultural events in 2019 in Bali then you have come to the right place as we’ll be giving you all the details about the upcoming events and festivals taking place in the Island of the Gods.

Bali has a rich ethnic culture and people around the island follow their traditions with heart and soul. The traditional events and festivals hold a value of a backbone in the social landscape of Bali. Most of the cultural festivals in Bali take place according to the Balinese calendars from long ago, while others take place at a certain time of each year.

Festival Karangsem: June 2019

Festival Karangasem is about to held in June this year. It is a community event, held to entertain the Karangasem public by presenting activities like culinary and other cultural performances to support the art and culture of the community and its participation in the development.

Pesta Kesenian Bali: Denpasar June-July 2019

This massive festival celebrates Balinese art and preserves it as the main tourism destination in Indonesia. Apart from the parade, this festival held various competitions like literature competition, painting, handy craft, and a number of parades like culinary, ngelawang, ramatari, gong kebyar, fashion, and the all-famous traditional dance performances.

Bali Blues Festival: Nusa Dua 14-15 June 2019

If you are looking for some of the best music in town, then you need to get to the Bali Blues Festival this year. It is the 1st and largest Blues Festival in Indonesia. You will not only enjoy the performances of Indonesian musicians but there will also be performers from Singapore, Netherland, and Australia.

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Nusa Dua Light Festival

Love the lights? Don’t forget to attend the Nusa Dua Light Festival, located at Peninsula Island Nusa Dua Bali. Hundreds of different shapes of lanterns will be displayed with music performances, with delicious food and beverages available in the event.

Sanur Jazz Festival: Sanur 4 July-6 July 2019

The famous musician Indra Lesmana will be bringing the live jazz performance to Sanur this year via his musical series “Mostly Jazz” at Griya Santrian resort beach front. This whole series is designed to facilitate musical expression, communication, creation, and presentation for the music community and the artists in general. All the jazz lovers will find local and national musicians there and can enjoy the culinary festival as well.

Bali International Kite Festival: Sanur 15-18 August 2019

You shouldn’t be missing this! How lovely to see numerous, colorful and humungous kites flying in the sky. This traditional event is actually a religious event, intended in the name of Hindu gods to please him to create abundant crops and harvests.

Every event taking place in the ‘island of the Gods’ tends to celebrate Bali, its tradition, and its rich culture. Bali is one of the few places on this earth which has successfully preserved its culture and is working to keep it that way. Experience the wonders of Bali and choose Beautiful Bali Villas as you make your way towards this gorgeous island. For booking and details, call us at +62 (361) 370 5279.