Running On the Beach in South Bali

Running On the Beach in South Bali

There is nothing healthier than starting your day with a run and a run on the beach is just another awesome experience, especially when you are on the Island of The Gods. The biggest advantage of running on the island is that you will be breathing in the fresh ocean air and the views of the amazing tropical surroundings of Bali will soothe your eyes. So be ready to get healthy as we are here to tell you some of the basics to the runners who are just starting on the beach

The Best Time to Run On the Beach

Those who have the heart to wake up early, the best time to run is just after the sunrise. You have many benefits in running in the morning like an empty beach, a perfect temperature, and more fresh air for a healthy workout. For those who head home late, an afternoon beach run might be the perfect option. Make your way towards the beach where you will get to see the magical Bali sunset with the breathtaking view of the orange horizon. Sweat out all the last night’s drinks and get ready for another amazing night out.

Best Beach to Run In Bali

Bali has no shortage of wide coastlines, if you are staying at the private beach villa Bali at the Beautiful Bali Villas, you won’t have any problem to access Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak beaches. They stretch out across 10 km and are the most famous among the tourists and locals for swimming, surfing, and of course, for a great run. In fact, an event ‘Bali Beach Run’ is held here every year to attract people from all over the world to run together.

Another great coastline is Sanur’s Golden Stretch. It covers almost 7 km and the best part about is that you get to see the mesmerizing sunrise in the morning.

At the southern side of Bali, the 4.5 km long coastline of Jimbaran is also an ideal spot for a morning or afternoon run.

Running Tips

Before, during and after a running session, always remember to:

  • Always warm-up your body, do some stretching and pulling to avoid sore muscles later on
  • Sun-block is a must in Bali as the sun can be vicious here
  • Always remember to start slow and steady to avoid injuries as running on sand is quite harder than running on solid ground
  • Run on wet sand as it will give you a more steady pace
  • Stay Hydrated! Drink lots of water afterwards

We know you are making your way towards Bali for a vacation but don’t forget to keep up with your health, a good run everyday will keep you active and healthy for another lovely night out. To make your stay more comfortable, choose Beautiful Bali Villas and enjoy the serene environment which you won’t likely to find in hotels or resorts. Give us a call now at +62 361 490 165 to book your luxurious and affordable villa in Bali.