Bali Travel Guide For First Timers

bali travel guide for first timers

Bali is a land of utter natural beauty. With numerous tropical beaches, magical waterfalls, rich ethnic culture, and majestic caves, in-short a heaven on earth. What else would you be looking for in a vacation? But since Bali has so much to offer, it can get confusing for first-timers to pick their starting point of the journey and things they should keep in mind when wandering through the island. Find out about Bali’s food, culture, essentials to pack and much more in this article


Left Hand Drive in Bali

Bali has a left-hand drive so you should be careful if you are coming from a country where they drive on the right-hand side. The traffic might feel a little chaotic but there wouldn’t be any problem if you pay attention while crossing the road or making a turn.


Scooters Or Motorbikes Are the Cheap Way to Explore Bali

Lack of public transport means arranging your transport, but Bali has an alternative for it. Scooter and motorbikes are available on cheap rents, depending on the location of rental, length of duration and amount of cc’s you want. It is an adventurous way to explore the island as you can head to anywhere without being time-bound. Just remember to put on a helmet as it is necessary in Bali.


Eat At the Warungs in Bali


Balinese local cuisine is delicious and you don’t have to pay much for it either, try Warungs. Warungs are one of the best local food places you could find in Bali. They are cheap, tasty, and offer a large variety of local foods. In Indonesia, Warung refers to small family-owned café or restaurant.

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Google Maps in Bali

Better not rely on Google Maps when traveling in Bali. Messy traffic and religious ceremonies can reroute you and make you extremely late for the destination. For a safe side, if you are leaving to watch a sunset or sunrise, leave a little early for the possibility of traffic jams or any other unforeseen circumstances.


Perfect Time to Visit Bali


Bali is in the bucket list of every other traveler but before planning your trip, make sure you are picking the best month to explore Bali. There are two seasons of Bali, the monsoon season and the dry season. The dry season starts from April and ends in October. It’s furthermore divided into two parts, the high season (July-August) and the shoulder season. Prices go up during the high season as more tourists are expected in this part of the year. However, Bali remains as beautiful as ever throughout the year, it depends upon your preference on which time of the year you would like to travel to Bali. Every season has its perks.

Bali if not then should be on your bucket list, because it is a place where you can enjoy from dusk till dawn. At day, you will be amazed by the natural beauty this island possess and after sunset, the vibrant nightlife will keep you dancing and on your feet. If you are planning to fly to Bali, don’t forget to book your villa at the Beautiful Bali Villas to make your vacations more comfortable and luxurious at an affordable price. For more information and reservations, call us now at +62 (361) 370 5279.