What Makes Bali The Best Place For A Healthy Holiday?

The Finest Place For A Healthy Holiday

Paradise on Earth – that’s what Bali is! The crystal Blue Ocean, long sandy beaches and tall green trees make Bali a tropical paradise. Everywhere you look around in Bali, there is art, the buildings, the temples, the galleries and everything else. Sometimes there comes a time when you just feel tired and worn out of everything in life. You just need a break, to get away from the monotonous life and the everyday work. In order to freshen up your minds and be all to yourself book a holiday to Bali. It would soothe your soul and improve your health. The delicious breakfasts, sunrise yoga sessions and long swims in the ocean would give you a newfound energy. 

The Food of Bali

The food in Bali is so versatile and delicious, that it would make you want to try each and every dish. Some of the very famous local dishes in Bali are: Babi Guling (freshly baked bacon served with sausage, rice and coconut chili dressing), Sate Lilit Ikan (grilled skewered meat served with sambal) and Nasi Goreng which is the national dish of Indonesia (fried rice served with fried noodles, vegetables and pickle). All these diversified meals would satisfy your taste buds and give you the experience of a lifetime. The thrill and excitement of trying new food would lift your mood and enhance your overall experience. 

The Yoga in Bali

A good fitness regime generally makes you feel more wholesome and relaxed. Now imagine doing an aerial, freestyle yoga on the most beautiful land on Earth, under the beautiful sky near the gigantic, crystal ocean. The fresh morning air and smooth yoga moves would soothe your soul and body down to the very core. The overhanging cliff side cabana is very famous in Bali for its aerial yoga, which is a set of gravity defying regime. It would relieve tension, promote alignment and posture and strengthen. Most hotels and villas in Bali offer complimentary morning workout sessions to give a perfect start of your day. This is a great way to stay fit and healthy on vacations too. 

Adventures in Bali

There are countless things you could do in Bali, so much so that even 3 weeks won’t be enough! When it comes to water sports you could go on a sea breacher (a hybrid jet, a submarine and a sea mammal all combined together to give you the experience of the underwater wildlife). The zip line between cliffs over the ocean is one of the most breathtaking views and the adrenaline rush would make you relive the moment hundred times again. The reverse bungy on the island of Bali is a giant catapult which would throw you up in the sky at the speed of an hundred kilometer per hour. You could get in touch with these activity guides through your travel sponsor and also through any hotel or villa in Seminyak that you are living in. 

Going to Bali would be one of the best decisions you would make. It would make you live life again and help you grow mentally and physically. Bali is definitely worth a visit at least once in life! Experience the wonders of Bali and choose Beautiful Bali Villas as you make your way towards this gorgeous island. For booking and details, call us at +62 361 759 247