Bali Bootcamp: The Perfect Way to Stay Fit in Bali

Bali Bootcamp

Keeping yourself fit while traveling seems like a daunting task. It gets hard to allocate time and find a place where you can follow a proper fitness schedule. But if you are on an extended vacation in Bali, you will find a perfect place where you can keep your body in shape. People who travel a lot, always find themselves on and off planes, trains, buses, and boats, and it is not always possible to go easy on food as every destination allures you towards its delicacies. Combine it all, and the following routine will make you a little out of shape, that’s why Bali has an open-air fitness area, known as 2BeFitBali.

2BeFitBali: Bali’s Best Beach Boot Camp

2BeFitBali Bootcamp is one of the best in Bali. If you have been away from exercise for quite some time, the circuit training may leave you breathless. No matter if it’s raining or sunshine, the exercise continues on the beach. It is a nice mix of circuit training, weights, and HIIT.

You will start to get momentum in the next few sessions as you will get h2er. This training class is super fun, and there are many things to do. While you may find each session challenging, working out with a group keeps you motivated.

What Should You Expect?

2BeFitNBali found massive success on the island, and that’s why they decided to expand it to different locations. They hold classes in Sanur, Canguu, Nusa Dua, and soon in Seminyak. You don’t get used to the routine as their every class is different. A circuit is set up by the trainers for everyone to get through. Working in the outdoors gives you more space for a lot of bodyweight training with few sets of basic equipments like large tires, kettlebells, ropes, bamboo weight, and sandbags.

The classes are heaps of fun, even for the person who knows nothing about working out or exercising. It challenges you both physically and mentally as you push yourself to complete each round of training.

The Trainers

One of the things you will love about the boot camp is their trainers. They are experienced, competent, and love what they do. They encourage each participant to push themselves harder. They ensure that you are doing each exercise in the right form and give the best advice to avoid injuries. So if you want to stay in shape while on vacation, reach out to these boot camps as they are exactly what you need.


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