Sacred Places In Bali To Visit

sacred places in bali

The most intensifying thing in the world is the nature, intensity of nature is balanced in Bali which makes it considerable in the wonder of the world because of its beautiful surrounding of nature and cultural and spiritual charm. The three corresponding factors are found in Bali at the same spot at various locations of Bali. Most often the spiritual factors are outcasted because of their insignificance with the outside world. Discover the outmost beautiful sacred sites of Bali to mesmerize your experience.

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Lake Batur

 This lake is a site to visit where the lake is shaped in a crescent form which refers to the moon and sparkles at night with the moonlight, which is a view not to miss. This lake is located on the foot of Mount Batur which also includes the volcanic honor comprised by the Mount Batur. The water from the lake is comprised to have healing powers, which energizes the scent and sense of the body which makes it sacred in its finest sense.

Mount Batur

This location is known widely as the best sunrise spot. This place is considered to be one of the most sacred locations in Bali. Despite the other sacred mountains in Bali, this location is famous for various reasons where active volcanoes are the most considerable feature of this location. Due to the volcanic eruption this place is considered to be dwelled by the Lord Brahma, which symbolizes the fire ring. Mount Batur is presented with various offerings from the locals to eradicate the evil from their area.

Mount Agung

Mount Agung is considered to be the most improbable and majestic mountains in Bali. Balinese culture associates this place with the gods, to be specific with Lord Shiva. This place is considered as the holiest and sacred place by the Balinese Hindus. Before every hiking trip there is a prayer set up in the local temples for guidance and clear path along the way. Considering to fly to Bali to have a mesmerizing spiritual experience, need a place to stay and feel comfortable a long trip towards Bali, Beautiful Bali Villas offer the best families villa in Bali to set up your trip with your loved ones and guide you in the mysterious and adventurous land of hidden gems. For further information contact us at +62 361 490 165.