5 Lunar New Year Festival Celebrations across Indonesia

lunar new year

Indonesian people welcome the Lunar New Year enthusiastically even though the citizens constitute to 3% of the total population and yet this tradition is celebrated by a large number of people of this country. As the Chinese New Year comes closer, Indonesians return to their hometowns to enjoy this beautiful time of the year with families and friends. Celebrations start with decorating colorful lanterns, offering prayers, visiting ancestral tombs, or giving out cakes and ang pao to younger family members. The whole town is draped in reds and traditional performance of Barongsai dances are going on to welcome Lunar New Year. People from around the world book hotel rooms and villas in Bali, Bogor, Singkawang, and other cities to experience the traditional spring festival. Here are five Lunar New Year Festivals across Indonesia you can witness this year.

1. Cap Go Meh Street Festival, Bogor

Thousands of performers floods the streets and entertain people with their assorted cultural performances. Local art including Tanjidor, Sisingaan, Gambar Kromong also remains the center of attraction. Bogor tops the chart when it comes to celebrating Lunar New Year, and hosts the largest folk festival known as Cap Go Meh Street Festival which is ongoing for 100 years.

Whether you haven’t seen a colorful festival before or wanted to visit Cap Go Meh festival this year, reserve a beautiful spot before it’s too late. You can choose a wide range of accommodation ranging from a dorm room to a luxury rooms or villas. In Bali or Bogor, you can find numerous spots offering amazing accommodation especially on the Chinese New Year festival.

2. Chinese Cultural Week at Ketandan Chinatown of Malioboro, Yogyakarta

Enjoy the 200-year-old traditional Chinese Cultural Week held at Chinatown of Ketandan, Malioboro on the Lunar Year. Dance your heart out in the Malioboro street or witness the mesmerizing views of Jogja Dragon Festival where dozens of stunning Barongsai parade.

3. Lunar New Year Cultural Gathering, Lombok

The magnificent Lombok Island welcomes you to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Since 2016, the local Chinese-Indonesian community is organizing a festival in Cakaranegara, Mataram where you will be treated with thousands of Chinese basket cakes and portions of Cap Go Meh rice cake. Enjoy the charming performances of dance and magic from Sumbawa, Sasak, Bali, and art performances from China.

4. Cap Go Meh Festival, Singkawang

Despite being a small city in the Province of West Kalimantan, Singkawang hosts one of the largest Cap Go Meh Festivals in all of Southeast Asia. Thousands of tourists and locals enjoy this festival which goes for 15 days after the Lunar New Year. The center of attention is the Parade of Tatung, and according to an ancient tradition it is believed that Tatung Parade prevents bad fortune from entire city.

5. Semawis Lunar Traditional Market Festival, Semarang

Semarang Traditional Market Festival is a place to be visited at night with hundreds of lanterns and charming red decorations pleasing everyone’s eyes. Weekends are often great to visit this part of Indonesia. At Semawis Traditional Market Festival you will find a number of Chinese and Indonesian cuisines to make satisfy your taste buds. A stage featuring typical art of local Chinatown pagoda, Wayang Potehi, Gambang Semarang, jipin, twa kok djwee, Barongsai, Toyo game, wushu is specially built within the market. You can also buy beautiful and sparkling chinese jewelry from the market as a souvenir.

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