4 Best Surf Beaches in Bali

best surf beaches in bali

Warm sunny weather, cheap food and drinks, good value for accommodation, and not to mention wonderful beaches, Bali is a surfers paradise. With more than 60 different breaks and all with varying difficulty level, this island offers some of the best surfing spots available all year round.


This popular beach is between Padang Padang and Bingin featuring a long reef. Its name implies that it was once an intimidating break. Impossibles has three peaks or takeoff zones, the first one is directly accessible through Padang Padang and the other two are accessible from the midsection of the spot. Here you will experience some strong swells and consistent barrels. The waves are an average of two to five feet, which is perfect for surfing with all the beautiful panorama of its beach and irregular formations of rocks.


North from the overdeveloped and crowded Dreamland Beach, Balangan is a surfing paradise with just a kilometer long stretch of green seaweed covered rocks and white sand. The reef is just in front of the beach with southern swells and one of the longest breaks for left-handers that range from four to six feet. If you are staying in a villa in Bali, you are definitely going to enjoy the beautiful view of the beaches and enjoy the cool breeze.

Green Bowl

Just reaching is spot is an adventure itself as it is situated on the southernmost tip of the island. The beach excites those who love quiet and exotic shores and don’t mind going hundreds of concrete steps down the cliff heading toward the secluded beach. You will find the bat caves at its base which adds to its unique features. There are consistent swells in Green Bowl and the strongest southern ocean currents that go out of the sea in erratic directions, therefore, it is strictly for seasoned surfers.


Canggu offers many different sports for surfers. One of the most popular is Pantai Batu Mejan, also called ‘Echo Beach’ by surfers. In the mornings, the waves are generally larger, and the reef breaks and black sand beach offer something to everyone, from medium to advanced level. During the day, sets tend to change so you may find yourself waiting in the line for as long as half an hour before getting the right wave. The waves are typically fast and you can find more peaks down the coast toward Pererenan Beach on its northwest.


Surfing is one of many other ways of having some fun time in Bali. Just make sure you have the right place to relax after a long tiring yet fun day at the beach. Private villas in Seminyak, Bali are a great option if you like to have proximity to the best beaches on your vacations.