4 Best Things To Do In Kuta, Bali

best things to do in kuta

Kuta is famous for its golden white coastline which attracts travelers with other specialties along with being a favorite surfing coast of Balinese people. Despite the quickly growing fame of the beaches due to the establishment of restaurants, hotels, bars, and villas in Bali, Kuta has a lot of interesting sights for tourists. Here are a few things you must not miss while in Kuta.

Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach is one of Bali’s best coasts to enjoy sunsets around the year. You can enjoy leisurely strolls on the beach’s footpath passing the colorful Kuta Art Market, Discovery Shopping Mall, hotel beach fronts, and down to the Balawista Kuta lifeguard tower. Surfing, sunbathing, beach soccer, and swimming are favorite pastimes of locals and tourist while hair braiders, peddler, and masseuses roam the coast. The main beach roads of Jalan Pantai Kuta and Jalan Kartika Plaza are filled with modern setups from luxurious hotels, shops, entertainment spots, and ethnic restaurants and bars. You can also find surfers and many surf schools along the coastline of Kuta.

Waterbom Bali

The Waterbom Bali is situated midway along the Jalan Kartika Plaza and is just across the road from the Discovery Shopping Mall. This recreational park with waterslides is an added convenience for those staying in the hotels nearby. Being the largest and pioneering waterpark, Waterbom Bali offers lots of thrills like Superbowl, Climax ‘super-loop’ body slide, Smashdown, Race Track, Boomerang, and other adrenaline-pumping slides. Waterbom Bali also features leafy green grounds with beautiful tropical gardens offering sufficient share, and various canteens as well as open-air restaurants with fusion and Indonesian food selections.

Dream Museum Zone (DMZ)

Dream Museum Zone gives a great indoor fun time with a number of galleries showcasing impressive large-scale wall paintings with 3 D effect for photos. You can even set up your tripod and camera times to share your awesome group photos with friends or simply pose and play around with different themes available in the DMZ. You can easily spend a whole day with a treacherous causeway, being chased by a great white, and sitting in an ancient temple garden.

Armada Flow House

Armada Flow House gives a fun flow riding actions and a wonderful relaxing dining spot in Kuta, Bali. Established to offer fun year-round waves, featuring a Flow Rider which lets people practice as well as show off their skills with ease. The effort level is perfect for both adults and children, making the Flow House a perfect choice for family picnics.

Bali is a wonderful place on earth, especially for couples and families. Make sure you make the most of your trip to this beautiful island and enhance the essence of your holidays by staying in one of the most exotic private villas in Bali.