Weird Sports You’ll Only See in Bali

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With Bali becoming one of the top tourist destinations nowadays known for its scenic beauty and hidden gems, one can also witness their one a kind odd athletic events the next time you are in this Indonesian province. Some of these odd past times enjoyed by locals have been coming on from generations; whilst others are seasonal tournaments with people from villages.

These recreational activities can include a mere number of people while in others you would the whole village participating in these leisures. The annual Bali Kites Festival is a perfect example, which sees a 30-days long competition of mega kites created by troupes all over Bali. Beautiful Bali Villas have made an assemblage of more of Bali’s cultural practices/games:

Makepung Buffalo Races

One of the primary standpoints from the regency of Jemrana, this sport involves Farmers from this region having their buffaloes entered into scheduled races in different rice field circuit steamed up together with jockeys who mount race-modified wooden ploughs.

Popularly seen from July-November in the West Bali region.

Location: Negara, Jembrana, Bali, Indonesia.

PerangPandan Water Dances

Heading out East during summertime around June or July, one gets to witness this annual casual duels between male villagers in Tenganan, a well-preserved old Balinese village just north from the popular resort of Candidasa. This one of the oldest tradition is unique only to this village and is also known locally as mekare-kare and megeretpandan. This comprises of participant armed with ‘pandan’ leaves in one hand and small rattan shield in the other.

Location: Tenganan, Manggis, Karangasem, Bali 80871, Indonesia.

Ogoh-Ogoh Ogre Parades.

Portraying a great sense of creativity, every Saka New Year or the day before the Nyepiday of silence in Bali, village communities organize street parades featuring bamboo sticks and papier mache effigies called ogoh-ogoh. These are built throughout the week depicting mythic figures.

Bali Kites Festival

The windy season along the eastern coast of Padanggalak in Sanur around July and August and sometimes October welcomes the series of kiting events. Balinese kites are gigantic, with frames measuring up to eight meters in length (not counting the tails of some models). Hundreds of these colorful giants will take to the skies for this unique spectacle.

Location: Padanggalak Beach, Jalan Padanggalak, Kesiman, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia.

Omedomedan Smooching Festival

One of the most bizarre festivals held every year on the day following the Saka New Year is the omedomedan smooching festival roughly translated as ‘pull and tugs’, or even loosely, the ‘kissing festival’. This is a local event that sees boys stand in one line and girls in another line, and older adults holds buckets and hoses dousing them with water as both ends heave and push each other, with successively chosen couples in the middle.

Location: Jalan Raya Sesetan No.54, Sesetan, Denpasar, Bali 80114, Indonesia

Bali should be on your bucket list, because it is a wonderful place where you can enjoy from dusk till dawn. At day, you will be amazed by the natural beauty of this island and after sunset, the exotic nightlife will keep you entertained. If you are planning to visit Bali, book your private villa in Bali at the Beautiful Bali Villas for luxurious and comfortable stay. For more information and reservations, call us at +62 361759247.